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Do you Play Lead or Rhythm Guitar?

I am often baffled about the question if someone asks whether I play lead or rhythm guitar. I always wonder, how many piano players are being asked whether they play lead or rhythm piano?

The great thing is that the same guitar can do both. Just in the same way as a piano can be used to accompany a song and to play solos too.

Lead Guitar

As such, the question whether you should buy a lead guitar or a rhythm guitar is really funny 😉 . And I had to laugh out loud 😀 when I read that lead guitars come pre-packed with a lot of notes, extreme volume, a can of hair spray and a pair of tight leather pants. They are best for extroverts who want to pick up chicks.

Rhythm Guitar

Did you know that rhythm guitars cannot play individual notes, only chords ;-). Apparently they also come pre-packaged with anguished faces, growling vocals and feedback. They are best for introverts who want to pick up chicks

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Learn Lead Guitar

If you have been playing rhythm guitar all your life then it is time that you learn lead guitar. You have all the gear you need. You can use the same guitar and the same amp to play lead guitar as the one that you use to play rhythm guitar. I believe that every guitarist should be versatile and able to swap between playing lead and playing rhythm. Check out the video above with Alvin Lee of Ten Years After. That was a long time ago. He plays lead, rhythm and fills between lyrics and so should you. Lead Guitars are best for introverts who want to pick up chicks!

If you are in a band with an overbearing lead guitarist then consider starting another project. Start a band with you as the only guitarist. If this sounds daunting then think about signing up for some lessons. You could consider Guitar Tricks or Jam Play. They are the leading online guitar training providers. Check out my Guitar Tricks review and my guide to getting the best deal with guitar tricks.

Learn Rhythm Guitar

Did you know that most professional guitar players play 90% rhythm and no more than 10% lead. As a guitarist you need to have a strong foundation of rhythm guitar skills. The more styles and genres you have chops for the better. It’s easy, at a jam night, the guitar player who has the most rhythm patterns down gets the most playing time. While you practice rhythm patterns always check out how you can make a quick solo fill and get back into the groove. Rhythm guitars are best for introverts who want to pick up chicks!This is a great mental practice to become even more versatile. If you do not know where to start to get more inspiration for rhythm guitar in other styles and genres I recommend that you check out some online resources. You may not know but it is rather cheap to sign up for one of the major online guitar training providers that give you structured step by step lessons with tabs and professionally produced multi-angle HD videos. It will cost you less than 50 cents per day and you results will be amazing. Check out Jam Play or Guitar Tricks. If you want more details then you can read up my review of Guitar Tricks. I have also started to used Jam Play and a review of this program will be available soon.

 Some people are even more introvert than rhythm guitarists

Learn Bass Guitar

Some people are even more introvert than rhythm guitarists 😉 LOL. They are called bass players. While there is not a big hype about the bass players, it is great to know that one of the leading online guitar lessons platforms also has a fully grown program for online bass guitar lessons. It’s Jam Play – Check it out!

Here is a great review of Learn Bass FAST with JamPlayYou can find lots more bass guitar related resources at learnbassfast.com


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