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JamPlay Online Guitar Lessons


Great Beginner Program


Ideal For Intermediate/Advanced


Library Of Popular Songs


Video Functionality


Lessons Structure



  • Multi Angle Videos with Player Point Of View
  • Interactive Live Sessions
  • Fast Videos Suitable For Mobile Use
  • Wide Range Of Styles And Genres
  • Can Ask Instructor Questions Related To Lesson


  • Large Number Of Different Beginner Courses Can Be Confusing
  • Busy Website Design

Stop the Press!  –  Review Rating Update

JamPlay are have updated their offering to match their competition. New beginner series have been added which include onscreen fretboard diagrams and chord charts.

Live Workshops with weekly practice routines and archives are up and running to complement the previously available Live content which is still available in the archives.

The user interface has received a face lift and it is now a little easier for you to check it out for yourself since JamPlay are offering a 30 days risk-free money back guarantee.

In addition JamPlay are matching the monthly cost of their closest competitor Guitar Tricks at $19.95/month and the JamPlay yearly subscription of $159.00 is even lower than the one of Guitar Tricks.

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JamPlay Online Guitar Lessons Review and JamPlay Coupon

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Jamplay Review – Online Beginner Lessons Highlights

  • Several Beginner Courses from different instructors – Pick the instructor you like!
  • Offers a Beginner Course for Kids
  • Acoustic Guitar Lessons
  • Electric Guitar Lessons
  • Song Based Instruction
  • Open and Standard Tuning
  • Teachers are Pro Musicians
  • Popular Songs
  • Online Community

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Jamplay Review – Intermediate/Advanced Highlights

  • Advanced Genre Specific Lessons
  • Blues, Metal, Rock, Jazz, Surf, Funk, R&B, Reggae, Pop
  • Finger-style, Hawaiian, Bluegrass, Celtic, Classical, Country, Flamenco, Folk, Brazilian, Gospel
  • Song Writing
  • Artist Studies
  • Live Interactive Lessons

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JamPlay Beginner Online Lessons Review

Thanks for checking out my review of JamPlay Online Lessons for Beginners. JamPlay has currently twelve beginner programs for acoustic guitar and eight for electric guitar. JamPlay has 20 different beginner programs!This means that you can choose your guitar teacher out of twenty different pro instructors – talk about choice here!

Video Helps Avoiding Bad Habits

Each one of these beginner courses consists of multiple video lessons with the biggest curriculum offering 60 lessons with a total of more than 1050 minutes.  All lessons are using the great multi angle video functionality that lets you see exactly what the your fingers and hands need to be doing to play the guitar. From the videos you can also see the correct posture and positioning of your hands and fingers. Some people feel that it is quite important to avoid learning and perpetuating incorrect habits with practicing. Have lots of breaks when practicing!While I do not believe that this can be avoided entirely, the videos can definitely help, especially if you use a mirror to control your own posture. I personally believe that the most important thing when practicing the guitar is to be as relaxed as possible and also, as a beginner, have breaks every five to ten minutes.

JamPlay Kids Beginner Online Lessons

JamPlay also offers a guitar beginner course for children. The kids course starts off with an explanation of the part of the guitar, holding the guitar and posture, tuning and some hand exercises before going starting with the first song and  the introduction of chords. The lessons continue with song based introduction of more chords and picking and strumming techniques.

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The main challenge for beginner guitar players is to overcome some quite dis-heartening factors and to keep practicing. I have heard it said, that 80% of success is simply to keep showing up. 80% of success is showing up!So, when you start playing guitar you will feel pain in your fretting fingers because you do not have callus on your finger tips yet. You may experience sore muscles in your back and your wrists may hurt because you are not relaxed when playing. Whatever you do on the guitar will sound horrible. With all these odds against you, how can anybody learn to play guitar? The key to 100% success is motivation. Remind yourself, why you want to learn to play the guitar?

To build callus  you need to take it slowly. Play a little and wait, then play again a little. To build callus  you need to take it slowly.Only play as much so that you are sure that you will be able to play again the next day. Take a break as soon as you feel that your body is tense. Relax and stretch before picking up the guitar again. The sound of your playing will improve by simply turning up again and again.

Some people say, that one-on-one instruction for beginners will have better results than online lessons. I do not believe this anymore. You have to deal with your pain and no instructor can take this away from you. You have to keep showing up to practicing. The beauty of online lessons is that they are available anytime. This means that you can have breaks when you need them and not when the instructor says so. This also means that you are able to get ahead faster. All of this together is a great motivation booster and this kind of closes the circle. 🙂


If after all of the above you still think that live interaction may help your progress better then I can say that JamPlay has you covered too. As I am writing this there is a 10 week live bootcamp running, that is designed to get beginners  up to speed fast. The best thing about JamPlay, there is even more live action available: Live Q&A sessions as well as training sessions are scheduled on a regular basis and you can hook up and become part of a rather large community.


If you are a beginner I thoroughly recommend that you check out JamPlay’s many beginner classes and find the instructor that you like to start to learn from. It will be worth your investment because you will have access to a well structured training program that will take you to a level where you can  impress your friends and family in no time.

You will also find that JamPlay has a great advanced and intermediate program. This means that there is no need to shop around and you can continue your success story within the environment that you are used to.


A membership with JamPlay is more affordable than you might expect. Pay less than 35 cents per day!The very best JamPlay Coupon Code deal can get you started for less than 35 cents per day in the first month. Find out more by following the link: Check out the Costs!

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JamPlay Review Video | Beginner Online Lesson

JamPlay Review Beginner Mutli-AngleThe video shown below gives you a sneak-peek into a JamPlay beginner lesson.  I have selected a lesson number 12 of the electric guitar beginner class with Lisa Pursell. Isn’t it super-cool that you will be rockin’ after only 12 lessons? I did not show it in the video but Lisa’s lessons also include multi angle video segments. To prove it I have added a image next to this paragraph that is a snapshot of a sequence in the same lesson that shows multiple angles.

JamPlay Review – Intermediate and Advanced Online Lessons

Stand Out Features of JamPlay

Online guitar lessons are often said to lack the ability to correct a bad habit through teacher intervention and to miss out on personal interaction. JamPlay has fixed this by providing features that allow interaction with the instructors via texting and via webcam video stream.  This definitely goes a long way to bridge the gap between the convenience of having online lessons readily available at any time and the benefits of on-on-one instruction. Jamplay also offers the functionality to ask questions related to existing video lessons from within that lesson’s interface.

Did you know that you also can add bookmark to the lesson videos?

The stand-out feature of JamPlay in my opinion is the market leading video delivery and functionality. I can’t stop raving about the player view angle available in most videos. This is the view that shows you the guitar neck from the point of view of the person playing the guitar. This feature means that you can see what your fretting hand is supposed to be doing on screen exactly at the same angle as when you look at the fret-board of your own guitar. Check out the video thumbnail below to see the example of what I mean in the bottom part of the video screen.

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Other great working features of the video technology used to delivery the lessons are the ability to control the speed of the video without causing changes to pitch. Even better, the speed control can be combined with the looping function. This means that you can slow down specific sequences to better identify what the instructor is doing or to play along at the speed that you are most comfortable with. You can then slowly speed up the sequence as you get better.

Most lessons also include interactive tabs with audio playback that also work on mobile phones and tablets.

JamPlay Resources For Intermediate and Advanced Players

Genre Studies

Phase 2 of the JamPlay lessons covers skills and genre based courses. You wil be amazed about the variety of genres for which JamPlay has series of lessons available. I have listed them above but I am so impressed that I need to list them again here:

  • Acoustic Guitar and Electric Styles
    • Rock
    • Jazz
    • Blues
  • Electric Guitar Styles:
    • Metal
    • Surf
    • Funk
    • R&B
    • Reggae
    • Pop
    • Country

  • Acoustic Guitar Styles
    • Finger-style
    • Hawaiian
    • Bluegrass
    • Celtic
    • Classical
    • Flamenco
    • Folk
    • Brazilian
    • Gospel

Skill Studies

The Phase 2 section of JamPlay also includes a large number of lessons related to the following areas:

  • Speed and Technique – Focus on Warm-up Speed and Tapping
  • Tips and Tricks – Focus on Rakes, Harmonics, Pull-offs, Hammer-ons, Memorization, Chord Melody, Capo Use
  • Singing With Guitar – Focus on Performance
  • Reading Music and Rhythms
  • Lead Concepts and Techniques
  • Theory and Improvisation
  • 12 String Techniques
  • Rhythm Training
  • Ear Training
  • Studio Skills and Engineering – Focus on recording and micing
  • Instrument Care and Maintenance – Focus on mods to guitars and pedals

Song Writing and Artist Studies

Eight song writing lesson series and a significant selection of classes dedicated to highlighting the intricacies of great guitar players are rounding up the material available. You can find out how the following guitar heroes go about playing their guitars:

  • Tom Morello
  • Jimi Hendrix
  • Joe Satriani
  • David Gilmour
  • Carlos Santana
  • Steve Vai
  • Merle Travis
  • Tommy Emanuel

  • Rolling Stones
  • Eric Clapton
  • The Edge
  • John Mayer
  • Dave Matthews
  • Keith Urban
  • George Harrison

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Shortcomings of JamPlay

If I had to complain about one thing where I personally think that JamPlay is not as strong as their main competitor then I would have to say that the library of popular songs appears to be a little limited at the moment. However, JamPlay are adding new material to their site on a regular basis and I wouldn’t be surprised if their they were able to catch up over the medium term.

Another thing where JamPlay could improve is the website design. While it does not reduce the quality of the material it somewhat tarnishes the learning experience. To me, the site feels very busy and cluttered and could definitely do with a facelift.


JamPlay excels in the quality and diversity of the material presented. I think that the offer of live interaction may attract many guitar players. My recommendation is to sign up for the major guitar training site that gets the best rating. If you need to select one, then JamPlay is great for studies of a large variety of genres and offers the added bonus that most topics are covered by more than one instructor which means that you can pick the one you like best. If you want a larger selection of songs and a structured learning system then you may want to consider the competition for the time being.

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Alternatives To JamPlay

The main competition for JamPlay in relation to the volume and quality of the material available is Guitar Tricks. You can visit their site or read my review. Another established brand is True Fire. You can target your spending and only purchase a specific lesson series. While the lessons are very well presented they need to be downloaded onto a PC and can only be played in a special player program. TrueFire also offer an online service that includes group and one-on-one lessons.  Another option, pretty new to the game, is a program called Infinite Guitar. They seem to be doing a rather good job too and also offer some free lessons.


A JamPlay membership with JamPlay is much cheaper than you might think. You can get started with the  very best deal for less than 35 cents per day in the first month. Find out more by following the link: Check out the Costs!

JamPlay Review Video | Intermediate and Advanced

The video shown below features a JamPlay intermediate song lesson.  The lesson is presented by DJ Phillips and the song is ‘Revolution’ by The Beatles. As you can see in the thumbnail of the video, this lesson shows off the multi-angle video functionality at its best. I specifically like the view shown on the bottom where you can see the finger-board as if you were playing yourself. This is a feature that I value very highly.

Sign-up Options and Costs

As I said before, memberships to JamPlay Online Guitar Lessons are very affordable and a fraction of the costs of local one-on-one lessons. 7 day money back guarantee! They also come with a 7 day money back guarantee. This means that you have a week to suss out everything about JamPlay before you decide to commit any further.

Cheap Extended Review Time

You can use the 50% discount JamPlay coupon code to access the site for one month at less then 35 cents per day. This should give you ample time to decide whether you want to stick with JamPlay or whether you want to work with a different training provider.

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Affordable Membership Options

With JamPlay you have the option to sign up for a monthly, quarterly or annual membership. At 44 cents the cost per day is the lowest with the annual option ($159.95)  while the quarterly option is still a little cheaper (55 cents per day) than the monthly paid membership (67 cents per day).  Once you have decided to use JaqmPlay it is pretty clear that the annual membership is the way to go if you are serious about learning the instrument or want to improve your guitar skills. You can use the button below to visit JamPlay now.

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I hope you have found what you were looking for. Any questions, please contact me via the Contact form or leave a comment below.


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