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PRS SE Angelus Custom Review - I Really Like Guitars

PRS SE Angelus Custom Review

The PRS Angelus acoustic guitar has been very well received and luckily for us its Korean made little brother, the student edition PRS SE Angelus Custom has inherited some really nice features. The three things I like the best about the PRS SE Angelus are its looks, its playability and its sound. Let me tell you a bit more about each of those features.

PRS P22 Tremolo Review - I Really Like Guitars

PRS P22 Tremolo Review

Thank you for checking out my PRS P22 Tremolo review. This is obviously not the first review of the PRS P22 ever made. For this reason I will leave most of the ramblings about technical specifications to the other reviewers and get straight to the points points about what I really like about this guitar.