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JamPlay Holiday Sale

Christmas Present

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Guitar Tricks Promotion Stocking Filler

Stocking Filler

Promotion must end 13 December 2022 Have you filled Your Christmas Stockings yet? PROMOTION HAS ENDED The Best Ever Xmas Present for the Guitar Player in your life: Online Guitar Lesson Subscription! Great Promotion available from...

Guitar Tricks New Year Resolution Price Drop -

New Year’s Resolution

Guitar Tricks Can Help – Keep Your New Year’s Resolution Get an Entire Year of Online Guitar Lessons, at a discount Guitar Tricks is helping folks tackle their New Years resolution. Users get an entire year of lessons, at...

Learn Lead Guitar - I Really Like Guitars

Learn Lead Guitar

I am often baffled about the question if someone asks whether I play lead or rhythm guitar. I always wonder, how many piano players are being asked whether they play lead or rhythm piano? The great thing is that the same guitar can do both. Just in the same way as a piano can be used to accompany a song and to play solos too.

Guitar String Bending - Correct - I Really Like Guitars

Five Guitar String Bending Tips That Made Me A Better Guitar Player

Bending the strings on a guitar, especially on an electric guitar, creates a unique sound that we all have learned to love, instantly recognize and associate with specific music styles. Just think about how many power ballad guitar solos start with that huge up-bend that normally goes on and on for several beats. Can you imagine the Blues without those singing guitar notes?