Easier String Bending – Bend The String Against The Fret Wire

Bend the Strings against the Fret Wire and not against the Fingerboard

Effortlessly bend your guitar strings with great control and improve your bending and vibrato technique.  This is just a quick reminder of the main point that I am making in the video. You can bend the guitar strings much easier when you adjust the position where your fingertips press against the string. I feel that bending is easier if I attempt to connect the string with the fret wire rather than the fingerboard. Thus, the metal string can easily glide against the metal fret wire and there is no need to overcome the resistance of the string rubbing against the fingerboard wood. . Your bending will be smoother!Metal rubbing against metal results in reduced friction than metal rubbing metal against wood. As a result the sound of your bending will be smoother and you will need less effort to play bends.

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This is a mental thing

This is to a large extent a mental thing. Meaning, that once you get it into your head you do not have to pay much
attention to it any more because you will attempt to do it automatically. The results are quite dramatic. Smoother bending gives a better sound and uses less strength making your playing feel more effortless.

Check this Youtube Video to see this bending tip in action!

Please check out my detailed post titled Five Guitar String Bending Tips That Made Me A Better Guitar Player to learn more about bending in general. Alternatively you can download my FREE Ultimate Guitar
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