Acoustic Guitar Body Side Truss Rod Adjustment Video

Body Side Truss Rod Adjustment

This is a quick video to explain how to adjust the truss rod on an acoustic guitar. Acoustic guitars often have the truss rod adjustment nut on the body side. This is also true for some Fender and Music Man electric guitar models. Sometimes people get confused about what directions they should use to adjust the truss rod when working from the body side of the guitar and not from the headstock side.

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Use Screw Driver Directions

Just to remind you about the directions to use when working the Truss Rod.

To fix a concave neck with a “Bow” you turn the truss rod nut clockwise. This tightens the nut . It is the same direction as tightening a screw with a screw driver.

Remember, it only takes a small movement to generate a noticeable change in the action of the guitar.

To reshape a convex neck with a “Hump” you turn the nut of the truss rod counter-clockwise. This is like loosening a screw with the screw driver.

Again, make sure that you only make small adjustments at the time and recheck  whether the strings are still buzzing before making further adjustments.


Please check out my detailed post titled Guitar Truss Rod Adjustments – Do It Yourself! to learn more about truss rod adjustments in general. Alternatively you can download my FREE Ultimate Guitar Truss Rod Adjustment Guide via the button above.


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